Corporate Life Insurance

At RosenSure, we understand the insurance needs of individuals at all stages of their careers, from entry-level employees navigating the marketplace for the first time to the C-suite.

In building relationships with executives and other high-earning professionals, we’ve come to understand that many of these clients seek premium life insurance plans that will protect their loved ones, their hard-earned assets, and their legacy within their company or industry.

To meet the needs of these clients, RosenSure is proud to provide an impressive line of life insurance enhancements. Some of these benefits give companies assurance that their business will continue after the death of a key leader. Others help executives maximize the money left to their beneficiaries. All can help companies attract and retain top talent.

Corporate life insurance benefits include:

  • Additional life insurance benefits for high-ranking executives
  • Access to the cash value of business owners’ life insurance policies
  • Executive bonus plans
  • Succession planning services
  • Estate equalization for family-owned businesses
  • Deferred compensation programs
  • Key employee insurance